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Visitors Gallery


Below is a gallery of pictures visitors have submitted.

I hope you enjoy them.

My dear friend, Viki Berry, has has agreed to share her beautiful bracelet with us.  Viki used Translucent Grey Iris 8/0 Delica beads (DBL-107) to create this beautiful bracelet.


Ruby Fischer has made some gorgeous flowers using size 11/0 seed beads.  The pictures do not portray the true beauty of these flowers, but I think you can see enough to imagine how lovely they are in real life.  To see more of Ruby's work, visit her website located here, and be sure to look at more pictures of her work located here

Juanita Carlos (aka Jaycee) is sharing her latest design with us.  This one is a true beauty, the prettiest bracelet I have seen in years.  You can purchase the instructions here.

Lena Pfeffer is sharing one her latest designs with us.

To make this lovely bracelet, Lena used 11-Nickel Metal beads

and 4mm Metallic Hematite cubes.

You can see more of Lena's work here.

Juanita Carlos is sharing her latest design with us.  Juanita calls this beautiful necklace 'Metallic Hues,' and you can purchase the pattern for this gorgeous necklace -- along with more of Juanita's beautiful designs -- at Juanita's blog-spot, and see even more of her gorgeous designs on her website Jaycee Patterns.  You can find the beads Juanita used to make this lovely necklace here.  Thank you, Juanita, for sharing your beautiful necklace with us.

Shelley Gross is sharing one of her beautiful bracelets with us.  Shelley calls this piece 'All Ruffled Up,' and you can purchase the pattern or kit for this gorgeous bracelet -- along with more of Shelley's beautiful designs -- at Shelley's website, ChicaDesigns.  Thank you, Shelley, for sharing your beautiful bracelet with us.

Barbara Holloway is sharing four of her beautiful bracelets with us.  Barbara made these bracelets with materials she purchased from me.  Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your beautiful bracelets with us.


       Aqua Rondell                                        Turquoise and Chartreuse


                                Blue Green Kumihimo Braid                                       Herringbone                                          

Susan Lawson has submitted a beautiful necklace she made using Twisted Herringbone, with a bead or two added horizontally.  It is predominantly made of 8/0 hexes, with a twist of 11's and a dash of Swarovski crystals.  Thank you, Susan, for sharing your beautiful necklace with us.

Jason Cochran has submitted a necklace he has named 'Blood Dragonfly."  Jason says, " This necklace is on red rat tail cord that is adjustable (double slip knot).  It has a center piece dangle that is carved bone of a stylized dragon fly.  On each embellishment to the sides (from top to bottom) are amethyst, quartz, and onyx chips on sterling silver wire."

 You can find more of Jason's finished work on his photo-bucket page located at

Thank you for sharing your work with us Jason.

Cari Pease has submitted her version of my Purple Butterfly pattern.  She says, 

"I was on a pattern search today and realized that an amulet bag I made a few years ago is one of your patterns so I thought I would send you a picture of it. I changed the body color to a dark green, used a mix from ee-beads for the bag, and had to buy about a dozen different purples until I got the right one that worked with the mix. I beaded it in Delicas, used Czech glass for the fringe, plastic flowers for the side fringe and made the strap in spiral stitch (love it but it took forever!.)"

It may have taken forever, but it turned out gorgeous!  Thank you, Cari, for sharing it with everyone.



Sandy Schultz has submitted her collection of beautiful stained-glass butterflies.  Sandy made them using the pattern -- Stained Glass Butterfly  --  Peyote.  Absolutely gorgeous!

If you would like to submit your work to the gallery, you may do so by sending a picture and a brief write-up to .


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